Masoud feat. Nicole McKenna – Fix The Broken


Masoud – Fix The Broken EP

[RO] Deși postarea asta a existat sub diverse forme încă de prin aprilie, am tot amânat publicarea și m-a prins sfârșitul anului. Totuși, mai bine mai târziu decât niciodată.

În general nu prea sunt interesat de piesele vocal trance, dar sunt și excepții. Printre ele e și Fix the Broken.

Dacă ai ascultat piesa din postarea asta, atunci știi foarte bine la ce să te aștepți de la Masoud. Un instrumental genial și-un vocal pe măsură. Ce-ai putea să-ți dorești mai mult?

[EN] Although this post has existed as a draft in various forms ever since April, I’ve postponed its publishing, and now look, we’re nearing the year’s end. Better late than never, though.

I’m not generally all that interested in vocal trance tracks, but there are exceptions. Among them, Fix The Broken.

If you’ve listened to the recommendation from this post, then you know what to expect from Masoud. A brilliant instrumental and a vocal to match. What more could you possibly want?

Hit play, and enjoy :

Country : The Netherlands / Style : Vocal Trance /Year : 2012 / Label : AVA Recordings*

*Part of Armada Music.

Lyrics  via BestTranceLyrics

It gets to be too much
And I
Feel I’m being crushed

But if I really think about it
It’s okay, I can allow it this one time
One time

I’d really like to close
My eyes
But then I wouldn’t see the road

So I pause and keep them open
Try to look past all the broken
And just be, just be

That’s how
You fix a broken heart
Oh, a broken heart

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